Welcome to the coolest free website ever. We've put together a compilation of interesting and bizarre facts and trivia for when you go online but have absolute no idea which website you're going to.

King Obama Submarine Surfacing Bush Wins Lottery Construction Entrance Google Gravity

The Coolest Free Website Ever is full of fun and interesting facts. We have included a diverse collection of useless information on things such as history, health, animals, entertainment, celebrities, politicians, places, and a whole lot more.

Some of the coolest weird and random facts of all time - to blow your mind and make you say: What the ...

Learn all kinds of interesting things about celebrities, politicians, history, technology, health, and lots more.

We've got a large assortment of random, useless, funny and sometimes fascinating facts.

It's a constantly growing collection of interesting information and historical trivia on a variety of fun topics.

Your number one site for office humor, word play, Google tricks, Fails, etc.

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